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So he did text me after work last night (im sooo impatient >~<) but I found out this week his favorite color is pink and that he's more of a cat person....I think I'm gonna doodle him a skitty^^
So I finally got the guy I likes number from Emryn (who asked me if we traded numbers yesterday at like 1 and ignored me for at least 5 hours~.~) but when I messaged him he only talked to me for a couple of messages and hasnt sent anything back.... do you think he finds me annoying or could be busy or something??? I think he's irritated T-T
So I went with my mom and sister and got a bird cage^^ also, so got a baby rat~ she want to name him Doyle :/
Omg omg omg!! I sat with him at institute tonight, I showed him the picture I made for Emryn and he said he liked it^^ and he was laughing at my giggling and everything! The girl I have a ride there told me to stop flirting soo much, but I was too happy to be embarassed^////^ eeeeee
So apparently Aaron Hernandez hung himself in his jail cell this morning (he was a football player for the Patriots who commited murder a couple of years ago~)
:la: this is adorable!! I love it^^ thanks again!
.:Prize:. Tansy and Guzma
Contest prize for :iconits-ya-b0i:

I want to apologize if I got something wrong, I have no knowledge of Pokémon other than Pikachu. I used the Internet to find references and I'm a little iffy on if this is what you'd asked for ^^;

Tansy belongs to ITS-YA-B0I
Guzma belongs to Nintendo
Tfw the guy you like works a lot and you haven't seen him in a over a week ;n;
Tfw you see someone whose been on dA about as long as you've been but they have more views/ watchers even though they can't draw for crap~.~
(Not calling anyone out, not trying to be real negative, but this is bothering me lol)
I was doodling in church next to him yesterday, and I showed him the picture I drew of Emryn and he said it didn't look like her 100% .... so when I was drawing next to him, I think I messed up, I was soo nervous >~<
So there's this guy I met at church...^///^.... but he's good friends with Emryn, In fact I met him through her...I kinda think that he might like her...but for the past couple of months I've known him, he's been sooo sweet to's not fair ;n;
Huddles in corner~
Thanks a ton for the 10+ watchers in a matter of a few days^^ i think i thanked a few of them on their profile, but I wanted to let all my new watchers how appreciative I am <3
happy birthday to both :iconjapananimegirl: and :iconmanimatsu:
normally I draw birthday doodles but ive got a couple of commissions to work on^^;
I hope you girls have a great day!!<33
Was wondering if there was more than a few people willing to repost this? I made these adopts a while back and they're the only ones left~
Thank you to bits if you do<3
How I attract men
Chris chan never fails to entertain x)
Omg, the guy I liked from church that moved to Oklahoma for work, he's here! I think he's visiting ....he hasnt noticed me yet...Omg omg...imma just play it cool~
Yay! I remade it ^^
maybe we could go out? V. 2
For all you fangirls ;)
The coloring is a bit off and the fingers are a tad small, but other than that, I'm happy with this one^^


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OMG I am dumbfounded right now! Not long ago, one of my Pokemon got a Pokerus during my second playthrough of Sun. And now in my second playthrough of X (I decided to buy it after I rented it) one of my Pokemon in that game just now got a Pokerus!! Both games!! Do you know how slim those odds are?! :iconlawooplz::iconlawooplz:

still no shinies though...
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Happy Easter DAY! :)
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ayy, how are you ? : D
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